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Cantilever In-line Staggered BGA Butterfly
Muliti-site Diagonal In-line Shelf
Blade Cards Ceramic Metal Transmission  
Low Leakage Keithly Agilent 4070/4062 series    
Minimum Pad Pitch 45um in line 35/70um staggered    
Minimum Bond Pad <45um square      
Probe Tip Depth* 80-350 +/-5      
*Probe tip depth is measured from probe tip to the bottom of the PCB This is dependent on temperature and probe layer count
Rings Size Shape Temperature  
Aluminum Die Dependent Die Dependent Ambient
Plastic Die Dependent Die Dependent Ambient
Ceramic Die Dependent Die Dependent High Temperature
Probe Materials        
Tungsten Hardest probe material, fibrous in nature,
often used on Aluminum Pads
Rhenium Tungsten (Rh Tungsten) Not as fibrous as Tungsten, often used on Aluminum Pads
Beryllium Copper (BeCu) Low contact Resistance, softer then Rh or Tungsten probes, used on Gold or Copper Pads
Paliney7™ Low contact Resistance, harder then BeCu, used on Gold Pads
Newtek™ Low stable contact resistance often used on Aluminum over Copper Pads
Misc. Specs.      
Tip Diameter .5-4.0 +/-.2 mils    
Tip Length 5-36 +/.1mils    
Wire Diameter 4-15 mils    
Epoxy Ambient up to 150° C
High temp 150° C- 200º C
Low Leakage
Edge Sensor 2 wire
2 wire isolated
3 wire isolated
Electrical Specifications on Probe Card Analyzer
Balance Contact Force (BCF) 1.2-3.0 +/-20% of overdrive**
Planarity and Alignment +/-0.25 mils for flat pads  
Contact Resistance Measured <2 ohms at 25mA  

10nA @ 5V -Standard

Leakage <5pA @ 100V- Low Leakage  
**Dependent on overall design of ring, pad pitch, pad size and wafer material
Printed Circuit Board Materials      
High temp FR4 (Polyclad 370)
Nelco High Performance (N4000-13)
Mixed Dielectrics
Flatness 5.0 mils per linear Inch


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